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Sharon Rectory is a wonderful and mysterious mansion that holds many of unnerving and dark secrets. This wonderful building was built in 1775 and stands among the beautiful countryside of Manorcunningham in Co. Donegal Ireland. The house took over fifteen years to fully construct and was the Church of Ireland Rectory to the parish of Ray.

When a devastating double murder took place on the property in March 1797, the former Lady of the house Sara Waller was caught in the crossfire during a vendetta against their house guest Reverend William Hamilton and the United Irishmen. Sadly, they both lost their lives during the siege upon the Rectory.

While the Tully family purchased the property in the 1990's, little did they know that their lives would change forever. Author Emma Louise Tully, writes about the spine-chilling paranormal events that her and her family encounter over the 23 years living in this astonishing building.

Before it all began:

Sharon Rectory in the early 20th century

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Dining Room

Patio Hallway

Reception Hallway

Living Room

This 200-year-old Georgian Rectory is a sight to behold. But what secrets, spirits and ghosts lurk behind?

When the Tully family purchased this magnificent building in the 1990s they had big restoration dreams. Little did they know their lives were about to change forever.

This fascinating book is based on the author’s 22-year diary. She shares intriguing insights into the paranormal activity and eerie occurrences the family have encountered. She details the network of psychic supporters they have called on to help with their unconventional plight and explains why this close-knit family are not prepared to leave their beautiful home.

Sharon Rectory is haunted by the lost souls of its former residents and they aren’t prepared to go quietly either. ‘The Blue Lady’, one such ghost, is thought to be the murder victim of the original owner, Sara Waller. A dark, malevolent spirit also occupies the rectory too. This powerful demonic presence plagues the family and wreaks havoc as its identity is gradually uncovered.

Part historical/part modern day true ghost story, the author writes of her family’s terror and their physical and mental torment as they try to maintain some semblance of normal family life at Sharon Rectory. Not for the faint of heart, this real and raw memoir of life among the paranormal will have you completely hooked from the very beginning.

Author's personal note:

This story reopened old wounds as I dive into my past and openly talk about my experiences with the supernatural. I confront the controversial topic of the paranormal as I tell the true events we must face while living in Sharon Rectory. Over the twenty-two years, myself and my family have kept a diary on the strange occurrences that we have encountered in our home. To constantly live in fear of the unseen is a curse, but to overcome those challenges together is a blessing.

The Fairy corner

Pull up a pew

Relax and chill

Archway to Narnia

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Renovation Gallery

When Vincent and Lisa Tully bought the property beginning of 1995, the house was in total ruins. Here are some photographs of Sharon before they began renovations.

After a lot of consideration, my family and I have decided that we will run a haunted historical Tour at Sharon Rectory for one last time.

We’ve had so many people over the last two years reach out to us asking if we would hold any more tours within the rectory. Honestly, I had no intentions of running these events again, as we tend to be left with an increase in spiritual activity afterwards. However, we feel we have grown mentally and spiritually stronger since we last held an event.

As a house tour is different from a paranormal investigation, we feel it is safe to forethrough this type of event for yourselves and for the public. Although, it is a case of entering at your own risk.

Keeping in mind the guidelines and regulations with COVID-19, we will be holding two time slots for a small group of people on Sunday the 24th, Monday the 25th, Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 31st of October.

The event will consist of a haunted historical tour throughout the house, followed by refreshments and light nibbles, finished with a walk around the grounds of the house. I will also be available to sign books and will have books for anyone who wishes to purchase one.

Also, our dear friend and psychic medium Kate Houston, will be joining us for the two evenings, and will have items from her shop 'Crystal Broomstick' for anyone who wishes to browse or buy.

Our fellow investigator from Soul 2 Soul Paranormal, Keith Ramsey, will be there to help answer any questions about what it is to be a paranormal investigator and the equipment we use during Soul 2 Soul investigations.

This is a great opportunity to learn about Sharon’s history and the in-depth stories about our families experiences from living in a haunted home.

Details for the event as follows;

The Haunting of Sharon Rectory Tour

Tales from the Dead-

Sunday the 24th of October

4:00PM to 7:00PM

8:00PM to 11:00PM

Monday the 25th of October

4:00PM to 7:00PM

8:00PM to 11:00PM

Saturday the 30th of October

4:00PM to 7:00PM

8:00PM to 11:00PM

Sunday the 31st of October

4:00PM to 7:00PM

8:00PM to 11:00PM

Tickets €12pp which go on sale Monday the 11th of October on Facebook.

This is a strictly over 16’s event and is not advised for younger children.

Please see link below to The Haunting of Sharon Rectory Tour, Tales from the Dead.

These tickets go on Sale until Monday the 11th at 6pm.

Please select preferred date and time from the drop box and follow the instructions to payment.

You will receive your tickets via email once payment is confirmed.

Click here for tickets to The Haunting of Sharon Rectory Tour

Ticket information and questions;

Here are a list of frequently asked questions regarding the tickets for anyone who may have concerns or want to find out more information.

*When do tickets go on sale?

The tickets for the four dates will go on sale on Monday the 11th of October at 18:00

*How can I purchase the tickets?

There will be links to an online system which will allow you to select the date and time, followed by a safe and easy online payment method. When the tickets are sold out on a particular date or time slot, it will say “sold out” in the ticket availability box.

*Can I pre-book tickets or have a ticket held for me?

This event can not be pre-booked. All tickets go on sale at the same time and are on a first come first served basis. We have no control over who gets the tickets because the system is an automatic set up.

Tickets can NOT be held for an individual or groups.

*When will the links for the tickets be available?

The links will be available on Monday afternoon on the 11th of October.

Links will be posted to the Sharon Rectory Facebook page, Sharon Rectory Instagram in the Bio and on the Sharon Rectory Website page.

Website www.sharonrectoryireland.com

*When will I receive my ticket after purchase?

When your ticket payment has been accepted, your ticket will be automatically sent by email.

*How many tickets can I purchase?

There is a maximum of four tickets per person as we have limited space for each slot.

AFEARED- Episode one: Murder and Rebellion

The story of Sharon Rectory's horrific past of murder and rebellion has recently been aired on BBC Two Northern Ireland.

You can catch-up on the BBC Player: Afeared- Episode one


The Rectory once belonged to the Church of Ireland and housed Dr John Waller and his Wife Lady Sarah Waller. From my research, Dr. Waller was a fellow at Trinity College and was deemed a highly valued man within his field. As a respected and loving family, the Wallers brought great peace and security to their parishioners in their parish of Ray. Dr. Waller was paralyzed due to a horse-riding accident within his younger years and was cared for by his loving wife and trusty servant Barney McCafferty. Lady Waller served well within her community and helped families at most in times of need.

William Hamilton, Rector and Minister was a fellow colleague of Dr. Waller from his days in Trinity College. Rev Hamilton studied geology and meteorology and was one of the lead geologists on the studies of the Giants Causeway in the Northern coast of Antrim. In 1790 he was appointed Rector of Clondavaddog in Fanad in Co. Donegal. While Hamilton voiced his political interpretations on the British rule it caused uproar in the Irish community. In 1792 Hamilton signed a vigorous attack on republicanism, by then his pro-British views was no longer being tolerated in the Irish community which targeted him for assassination. In the beginning of February 1797 there was an unsuccessful attack within his vicarage which lead Hamilton living in constant fear for his life. While he knew his political views caused dispute and his life was at risk, he employed soldiers to personally guard him for his security.

On the 2nd of March 1797, Rev William Hamilton travelled with his armed guard from Lifford to the Lough Swilly so he would across the Lough back to his parish of Fanad. As he travelled the long trek, he noticed as he drew close the boats men huddled around as they glanced his course. When he reached boat, the men turned them due to the bad weather approaching. As the nights sky fell, they needed somewhere to stay until morning. Hamilton realized he was a few miles from his former colleague and friend Dr. John Waller at Sharon Glebe. As they made way Hamilton unknowingly awaiting his horrific end, soon forth come Sharon Rectory. The united men hid in the shadows watching them from a distends, discussing their plan of action. They intended on the element of surprise, getting him when he least expected. While Mr. and Mrs. Waller welcomed Rev Hamilton into the Rectory, they made way into the sunroom.

Suddenly, they heard upheaval from afar. The Wallers, unaware of Hamilton’s current ‘wanted’ status, were oblivious to the siege that lay awaiting below Sharon Glebe. The United Irishmen came in their numbers chanting for Hamilton, thirsty for his blood. As the Wallers and Hamilton stood unguarded and in fear, the angry mob took blinded shots through the windows hoping they would hit Hamilton. Lady Waller, in fear for their lives, tried grabbing anything that came to hand so she could shield her and her husband from the gunfire. As the men continued to shoot through the windows, they hit Lady Waller on the shoulder grazing it. Then again on the ear. Rev Hamilton had long fled from the room taking shelter behind the cellar door. Lady Waller crawled to the hallway screaming for help. The servants dragged her down into to the servant’s quarters and wept by her side as she drew her last breath.

Distraught, Barney McCafferty ran back up the hallway to find Hamilton hiding in the cellar. Barney gave him up to the United Irishmen so they would leave and surrender their home. When they dragged him through the hallway towards the patio doorstep, Rev Hamilton grabs hold of the staircase banister, and holds it for his life. They held a hot iron to his hands until he sniveled and loosened his grip. He was dragged out to the doorstep and beaten so badly he was unrecognizable. As military men approached on horseback, they shouted to the siege for their victim. The men pointed under their horses as Hamilton’s lifeless body lay in shards under their feet.

As Rev Hamilton’s wife and their nine children mourned him, his Irish neighbors celebrated their great victory. Lady Waller was laid to rest in her parish of Ray, leaving behind her beloved husband, loyal servants and saddened communal. As for the United Irishmen, after the Rebellion of 1798 most of the men fled overseas to America.



The Haunting of Sharon Rectory is now available on Amazon and to download on Kindle

In store:

  • The Bookmark Store in Letterkenny Shopping Centre, Co Donegal.

  • The Bookmark Store in The Courtyard Shopping Centre, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

  • Little Acorns Bookstore, Derry

Location Production Hire

I am thrilled to announce that Sharon Rectory is now available on Screen Irelands location database for film and TV production hire.

Sharon offers generous views of the beautiful countryside with two private laneways and five acres of surrounding private land. The key rooms that are featured in the main building are a large living room, library, reception hallway, dining room, main staircase and a darkened cellar/basement. On the third floor, there are two large rooms that lay unfinished but can be used as a blank canvas for various productions. The spacious grounds at the front and back of the building are ideal for parking or filming outdoors. It’s an overall perfect location for that dramatic scene, romantic love story or of course, a ghostly horror.

Click the link and search, Donegal- period building, period house or large house for more information .

Film & TV Productions on location

Did you know, Sharon Rectory has featured in the following TV series?

  • BBC's True North: The Formal

  • BBC's The Lang Hame

  • BBC's Afeared- Murder and Rebellion

Articles, Radio Interviews & featured YouTube videos


Sharon Rectory and Paranormal Investigators Ireland featured in Yahoo's! Scariest stories of 2019 alongside ghostly encounters at Zak Bagan's Haunted Museum and one of America's most haunted homes.

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Sharon Rectory has featured in The Real Paranormal Magazine- Article written by Emma Louise Tully

Available on Kindle

Highland Radio:

Lisa, Victoria and Emma Louise Tully joined Greg Hughes on Highland Radio to talk about their ghostly experiences living in Sharon Rectory.

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On a follow up interview, Emma Louise and Kate Houston talks on the Greg Hughes show about the book The Haunting of Sharon Rectory.

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Emma Louise was invited onto Newstalk to discuss her book The Haunting of Sharon Rectory and some of her ghostly experiences from living in the house.

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YouTube Videos:

Check out the first ever paranormal investigation in Sharon Rectory with Team Paranormal Ulster filmed back in 2013.

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Sharon Rectory featured No1 in Slapped Ham's YouTube video "Must see Ghost Sightings captured in Ireland"

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Real Life Ghost Stories

Chat with Emma Louise

Spooked Podcast

Emma Louise has recently featured in Spooked podcast on Luminary. She tells her story about her encounters growing up with The Blue Lady.

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The Chronicles of The Supernatural

Watch Emma Louise and Chris McKinnell's interview with hosts Gary Watters and Gerard Hughes in The Chronicles of The Supernatural. They discuss everything paranormal.

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Main Gallery

The wandering spirit of 'Barney'

Ghostly face creeping around the curtain

Bearded apparition caught in the cellar

The reflection of the ghostly "tall man" from the coachman's residents

Ghostly figure surrounds Lisa Tully during a tour of the cellar

The Fairy circle

Lost ballerina

Story time

A haunted doll

Candlelight in the outhouse

The wishing chair

The infamous cellar door

Play a tune

Keys to the courtyard

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